Easy way to connect your smartphone in a car

Easy way to connect your smartphone in a car

These days, car manufacturers have made it extremely easy to connect your smartphone or tablet to your car for easier interoperability. Even older model car infotainment systems can be converted into dynamic, state-of-the-art entertainment systems. 

We now have technology that could help us to make any legacy infotainment system into a robust entertainment system just with a simple plug-and-play wireless adapter carplay device from Autosky. This is similar to the way you can make your old LCD TV into a Smart TV with a plug-and-play device like the Amazon Fire Stick or a Google Chromecast device.

Why choose a plug-and-play adapter over other options?

Though there are many ways you could connect your smartphone to your car’s stereo system, its utility is quite limited. Many just allow you to listen to audio or make/receive calls.

Many people aren’t aware that their car’s stereo system is much more than this- you could use it to watch YouTube videos and Netflix, answer WhatsApp calls/chats, listen to podcasts, and do much more.

Unaware of this, some people actually spend hundreds of dollars in ‘upgrading’ their stereo systems or adding a separate device that lets them stream video content in their car.

All of this is unnecessary. All you need to do is to shop android wireless carplay adapter and use it to stream all kinds of video, audio, and other interactive content to your car’s infotainment system.

How does an android wireless carplay adapter work?

This is a plug-and-play device where you need to just connect it to your car stereo’s USB port. Besides this, you have to use your smartphone’s hotspot to connect Autosky to the internet. Once done, you can enjoy any YouTube video, Netflix video, and much more through this device. 

In fact, you can also add an SD card to the Autosky wireless carplay adapter and add your favorite videos and songs to it.

To understand how to do this, please refer to this video.

Which car stereos are compatible with this device?

Usually, this device would work with almost all car stereo devices that haven’t been tampered with. Of course, it should have a touchscreen CarPlay device, something that is quite common in most kinds of cars these days.

Where can I buy these wireless carplay adapters?

Autosky is perhaps the only brand that sells such wireless carplay adapters. This device is not well known in the market, yet is seeing robust demand from everywhere here in the US. You could buy these devices from Autosky’s website or through its Amazon listing.

Autosky is a brand that helps you upgrade your car without spending much. We have devices that can enhance your driving experience while having the right gadgets to make even a decade-old car feel ultra-modern. Visit Autosky to know more about us and our products.

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