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Shop For The Best Car Accessories At AutoSky

People spend a lot of time in their vehicles, whether it is dropping their kids to school, driving to the office, or taking a pleasure trip. As a result, it becomes important to equip your car with accessories for comfort, safety, and convenience.

You can enhance your vehicle’s features and functionality by customizing it with preferred accessories to ensure a good driving experience. For instance, an LED headlight bulb can improve visibility while driving at night. And a backup camera can help you park your car safely. 

There are many companies that have pioneered the art of manufacturing and selling car accessories. AutoSky is one of them. Let’s see the products offered by AutoSky for improving your driving experience.     

What is AutoSky?

AutoSky is an American firm that has been designing, developing, and manufacturing electronic solutions for the automobile industry for over two decades.

It sells car accessories such as wireless CarPlay adapters, dash cams, backup cameras, and LED headlight bulbs for cars. It specializes in tech and innovation providing superior products at cost-effective rates. 

AutoSky Wireless CarPlay adapters

AutoSky has pioneered wireless technology in its CarPlay adapters. It helps you connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system without the need for cables.

The AutoSky Apple wireless CarPlay adapter lets you connect to your device’s CarPlay app wirelessly. Similar is the AutoSky Android wireless CarPlay adapter. It simply means you can now drive around without the hassle of plugging in your device through cables every time.

The wireless adapters are compatible with most 2016 and newer vehicles. Go through the manual before you buy to check for compatibility with your vehicle.   

1. AutoSky Wireless CarPlay Adapter

With a wired connection, you’ve to always carry the cords and plugs. But with our AutoSky Wireless CarPlay adapter for iPhone, you pair it once to your device and you are done! It automatically connects to your device subsequently. It has USB-A and USB-C extensions. This wireless CarPlay dongle allows multiple functions like accessing Siri, Netflix, YouTube, playback music, and much more.   

2. AutoSky Wireless CarPlay Adapter Pro for iPhone

AutoSky Wireless CarPlay Adapter Pro is a wireless CarPlay dongle to connect your iPhone to your car’s infotainment system. It comes equipped with 2.4GHz and 5GHz modules. It has USB-A to USB-A cable extension for tight-fit areas and a USB-A to USB-C cable for stereos with USB-C ports.    

3. AutoSky Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto AI Box Lite  

Just like iPhone’s CarPlay, Android devices have the Android Auto app to connect the device to your car’s infotainment system. But again you face the hassle of plugging in cords each time. Opt for AutoSky Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto AI Box Lite adapter instead.

All you have to do is pair it using the blue tooth and turn on the Wi-Fi. Access maps, YouTube, Netflix, Gmail, and messaging apps to make your drive non-distracting and fun!

Autosky Dashcams

When you are out on the road, it is important to feel safe and comfortable at all times. Some additional features can help you act as a backup should anything unexpected happen. A car dashcam offers you protection and enhances your driving comfort. It gives you an extra view while driving.

The dual dashcams protect from rear and front collisions. It also helps you when you want to park your car or remove it from a constrained place. The video recording in the dashcam serves as evidence for insurance when you are a victim of a car crash. But not all dashcams are created equal. Some have the best features at cost-effective rates. The Autosky dashcam is one of them.     

Autosky HD Dashcam Front and Rear

The Autosky HD Dashcam Front and Rear has a front-facing and rear camera that can record continuously while the car is moving. It is packed with premium features such as

  • 1080p HD front video and 720p rear video for crystal clear screen quality
  • Wide-angle lens to capture everything in the front providing a full road view
  • In-built G-sensor for automatic sudden collision detection
  • Parking guard motion detection powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Built-in microphone to capture audio
  • Footage save for future reference
  • Loop recording function
  • No manual file deletion needed- oldest footage automatically overwritten
  • Simple plug-and-play design for easy setup
  • Suction mount for easy installation and removal

The Autosky dashcam includes a 32GB memory card with your purchase. It is built to provide your car with round-the-clock protection against theft, collision, arson, and accidents.

Autosky Backup Cameras

The fix for parking and reversing issues is the backup camera. It is a driver-assist technology featuring guidelines to help drivers gauge the distance and position the vehicle to the intended parking space. Autosky backup cameras increase your ability to see beyond the rear-view mirror helping to eliminate blind spots. You can park your vehicle quickly and safely.  

1. Autosky HD 12 LED License Plate Backup Camera

It has 12 LEDs to illuminate objects and provide sharper images at night. This is best when you want to install the backup camera on your license plate.  

2. Autosky Newest HD Backup Camera, 8 LED License Plate Reverse Camera

This reverse camera can be mounted on your vehicle’s license plate. It has 8 LEDs and an HD camera to capture crystal clear real-time videos even in the dark.

3. Autosky HD Backup Camera-Metal OEM Style Housing

This has waterproof metal housing and wide-range visibility. It can be positioned anywhere relevant with built-in multifunctional switch loops for switching on/off onscreen parking guidelines and horizontal and vertical mirroring.

4. Autosky HD Backup Camera- Flush or Butterfly Mount

This reverse camera comes with two mounting options- bracket mounting or flush mounting. By default, it comes as a backup camera with parking lines but you can also use it as a front or side camera. It has an ultra-wide view angle for maximum view coverage. 

AutoSky LED Headlight Bulbs

With AutoSky’s LED headlights, you can get rid of halogen low or high-beam bulbs for your car. These LED headlight bulbs are 700% brighter giving you superior visibility at night. They give 50,000 hours of continuous lighting come rain or bad weather.

You can easily install these best LED headlight bulbs in 10 minutes in your car’s headlight housing without any modifications. 

1. AutoSky H11 H9 H8 Headlight Bulbs

This pair of LED headlight bulbs provide 600% more light than your original halogen bulb. It has a superior-focused beam and delivers better angle and farther range for safe driving.

2. AutoSky H4 9003 Headlight Bulbs

The H4 9003 headlight bulbs have copper tubes for effective heat dissipation. It has a life span of more than 50,000 hours.

3. AutoSky 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs

The 9005 HB3 LED headlight bulbs are up to six times brighter than your normal cool white bulbs. They can be easily installed as they have an identical design to the original halogen bulbs. 

Wrapping Up

AutoSky is committed to introducing new innovative products and car accessories to the market. If you are looking for optimal maintenance and performance, you should try AutoSky’s wireless CarPlay adapters, dash cams, backup cameras, and LED headlight bulbs today!
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